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Mary Ann @ Dale Frank Insurance
Being Silly :)

Silia is a sweetheart. So good and loving, always ready for a hug.

Good Morning from Jo Jo

Carlene is so precious. Very serious and hard working at everything. Doing laundry, helping with the little ones, and doing what ever is asked of her with diligence.

Southwick Basketball!

This is Shanglet, a real trooper, he has seizures almost everyday, sometimes a few times a day. The other kids immediately jump to make sure he is safe till it passes. But he does not let it effect him, he is happy and playful.

Ludgina is a bit of a trouble maker, but in a way that shows her intelligence. Always smiling and leading the group in play.

Meal time is always a serious event. The kids aren't picky and are happy with their main meal of rice and beans.

Even the little ones know how to clean their plates, not much left when it's over!

This is my friend Zachary, he is my buddy and frequent companion while I am in Haiti. He can speak English, so helps me do anything I need to do while I'm there. He buys me food, interprets for me and most importantly takes me on the tap taps, which is Haiti's public transportation, so I can get back and forth from the orphanage to the compound we stay in. Just wanted to give him a shoutout and say how invaluable his help is!!

Little Eschlene is a happy little love bug.

Keeping the girls hair neat is a daily chore for Dada.

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