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Mary Ann’s Story


Supporting an orphanage was never in Mary Ann’s life plan. But her curiosity for other cultures led her to Haiti and a friendship with a Haitian women names Manadia Joseph (nicknamed Dada). Then, in the early Spring of 2016, Mary Ann was told of Dada’s work and agreed to help out. She then booked a trip to Haiti to check out the situation first-hand. What she found saddened her. Needs that Mary Ann had never thought of, such as beds, schooling, high quality food, fuel for cooking, solar panels, etc., were not being met. None of this reflected badly on Dada. As everyone else in Haiti, Dada is doing the best she can with limited resources. Once seeing this Mary Ann could not turn her back on the needs at this home and is now looking for support to help her in this mission. 


How Dada’s Place Got Started

The founder of Dada’s Place is a Haitian woman named Manadia Joseph (nicknamed Dada.) Dada found a young woman who had aged out of an orphanage at 18. She was scared to live on the streets because she did not want to sell herself, but there was no other option. Dada’s heart went out to her and she took her in. Realizing there were other young women in this predicament, she began taking them in to offer a safe place while they develop skills to eventually live on their own. Others saw her compassion and knowing Dada was a nurse, they brought her malnourished children, babies, and orphans to care for. Needing financial help, she reached out to her American friend Mary Ann, and a partnership was born.

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